Tirana, 19.12.2022 ‒ an agreement was signed with the Western Balkan Fund (WBF) for implementation of the regional project “Say and Do Green”.

The Institute for Good Governance and Policies in the Environment and Climate Change Skopje (IPECC), in partnership with the Sustainable Economic Development Agency (SEDA) from Albania and the Ecological Network of Montenegro (ENM) will implement the regional project “Say and Do Green” ” which is co-financed by the European Union.

The goal of the project is to encourage citizens’ awareness of environmental protection, through public expression of their intentions for action.

Within the framework of the project, the following activities will be implemented:

  • Preparation and implementation of the campaign “Say and Do Green”. The campaign will be implemented by placing boards in public locations in Skopje, Durres and Bar, in which citizens will be able to express their opinion on what they would do to protect the environment and climate change,
  • Preparation of reports and analysis of responses. Responses and comments collected from the campaign will be grouped and a report will be prepared on the reaction and perception of citizens, reflecting their willingness to take action and be involved in environmental protection and climate change.
  • Organizing three public debates in the three cities with representatives of key stakeholders, where the analysis of the campaign and proposed activities for regional cooperation will be presented
  • Development of a Regional Action Plan in order to promote environmental protection and climate change. This Regional Action Plan will be in a form of a Roadmap for citizens’ participation in climate actions.

Through these activities, IPECC, together with its partners, will promote an open dialogue on the challenges of EU membership, contributing to the sustainable development of the Western Balkans.

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