Dr. Ilir Luma is a doctor of medicine with 35 years of experience in primary health care, in preventive and curative fields. From 1995 to 1998 he was a Deputy Minister of Health of the Republic of Macedonia. He actively participated in the preparation of the Law on Patients’ Rights and the Law on the Rights and Obligations of Doctors, as a member of the working group of the Ministry of Health. From 2005 to 2010 he was Vice President of the Ethics Committee at the Medical Chamber of Macedonia.

He participated in preparation of numerous researches aimed at demonstrating the impact of the environment on human health, especially the impact of air and hazardous substances. For that purpose, he has participated in the implementation of several projects and development of planning documents where he proposed measures to improve the state of the environment. At the same time, participated in the preparation of several studies for environmental impact assessment, analysing the possible impact on health from the proposed projects.

In the current practice arising from evidence-based medicine, it is quite successful in applying complementary medicine in the treatment of patients’ health disorders and their successful treatment using as well the principles of alternative medicine. He is also an expert consultant to a private company in the field of health care and prevention.